Micra Active vs Eon (Petrol)

Verdict: Micra Active is better than Eon
Summary: Micra Active is completely worth the price premium it commands over the Eon. Drivability and acceleration are leagues ahead of the Eon and fuel-efficiency only a tad lower. It is significantly more spacious and comfortable than the Eon and absorbs potholes way better. Micra Active is also a much safer car with far better stability at speeds and under panic braking. Eon does have an advantage when it comes to Hyundai's widespread service network especially in smaller towns but in cities Nissan's service availability is no longer an issue.

Features & Pricing:
1. Micra Active XE vs Eon D-lite+: (Comparison of cheapest AC-PS equipped variants of both)
Fuel Efficiency: For the significant advantage that Micra Active has over the Eon in terms of Space, Performance and Dynamics, 1 kpl difference is a really small price to pay.
Cost of Ownership: You will have to shell out 9% more dough to upgrade from the satisfactory Eon to the outstanding Micra Active.
Space & Comfort: