Datsun Go vs WagonR Comparison

Datsun Go vs Maruti-Suzuki WagonR Comparison

Verdict: Datsun Go is better than Maruti-Suzuki WagonR

Summary: The Datsun Go is cheaper and yet has more features compared to equivalent variants of the WagonR. In spite of having a 200cc bigger engine, the Go is still as efficient as the WagonR. Go's interiors are more spacious and boot-space is also significantly better. The Datsun has a more pliant ride quality and does not feel nervous like the WagonR around corners. It is not only a safer car than the WagonR but also more stable under braking and at high speeds as well. Go's drivability is also much better than the WagonR's, while outright performance is also slightly better.
One advantage the WagonR has over the Go is Maruti-Suzuki's great after sales service especially its service network. But for city dwellers finding Datsun's service center is not difficult. After-all Datsun  may be a new brand but the company (Renault-Nissan) does sell 3 times as many cars as Suzuki does around the world.

Pricing & Features Comparison:
1. Go T vs WagonR LXi:
Not only is the Datsun Go T cheaper but it also has more features than the WagonR LXi.
Fuel Efficiency:
It is remarkable how Datsun (Nissan) engineers have managed to eke out fuel-efficiency equal to the 200 cc smaller WagonR.
Space & Comfort:
Unlike the WagonR, Datsun Go is wide enough to comfortably seat 3 passengers at the back. The Go also has a respectable 265 litre boot, which is not only bigger than the WagonR's but also bigger than cars like Swift, Grand i10, Celerio and Indica Vista to name a few. 
On-road Performance:
Specified Output: Go has much better torque than the WagonR requiring lesser gear-shifting in city traffic and a better power to weight ratio giving it better acceleration as well.
Dynamics: Thanks to a wider track (distance between left and right wheels) the Datsun Go is far more stable at high speed as well as under emergency braking. It also has wider tyres giving it much better grip around corners than the nervous feeling WagonR.