Celerio (Auto) vs Datsun Go (Manual) [Petrol]

Verdict: Celerio (Automatic) is better than Datsun Go (Manual)

Summary: The Celerio wins this comparo only because of its automatic gearbox. However good the Datsun's drivability might be it is no match for the sheer stress free driving experience of the Celerio. Celerio is more expensive, but also more efficient (in spite of being an auto) bringing down the ownership cost to within 5% of the Datsun. Go is more spacious but Celerio has more upmarket interiors. Performance and dynamics are quite evenly matched. Nissan has built up a good service network in the cities but it is still no match for the king of A.S.S, Maruti-Suzuki, so no prizes for guessing which car is going to retain a better resale value then. The Datsun Go is an outstandingly well priced full-size hatchback, definitely better than the manual Celerio. But its the magnificent automatic gearbox that wins the day. Celerio just happens to be the rest of the car that comes with that gearbox.

Pricing & Features: Celerio has the one feature that beats all other features of the Go which is the Automatic Gearbox

Fuel Efficiency: In spite of having an automatic gearbox the Celerio has better fuel efficiency than the Go. Having a smaller engine, definitely helps the Celerio. But compared to the automatic gearboxes that this segment has seen in the past, the new AMT from Maruti-Suzuki has taken giant strides towards improving the fuel-efficiency compared to torque converters.
Cost of Ownership: Although you may have to shell out more towards monthly installments for the Celerio, it will be easier on the wallet at the petrol pumps, and difference in outlay for fuel will go on increasing over the years as petrol gets more and more expensive. Not to mention that the Celerio will also have better resale value than the Go, thanks to abundant service network and Maruti-Suzuki's track record for reliability
*Assuming 80 Rs/lit, 1000 km/month, 5- year loan tenure and 12.5% interest rate
Specified Output: Datsun Go has a slight advantage in terms of performance thanks to a 200 cc advantage over the Celerio

Dynamics: Both cars have reasonably safe and stable road manners, with decent ride quality and understeer  built in for safety at the limit. However, for entertaining dynamics you will have to look elsewhere.

Space & Comfort: Datsun Go certainly has an edge over the Celerio when it comes to space inside the cabin as well as the boot. But that does not mean that the Celerio is short on space. Leg room and knee room is more than adequate and even bootspace is way better than some of the bigger hatchbacks like Swift, Ritz and Vista. Celerio's interiors are also much more premium while the Datsun Go's feel a bit cheap.

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