Vista vs Swift [Diesel]

Verdict: Swift is better than Vista Quadrajet (Diesel)
Reliability & After Sales Service: Maruti has one huge unbeatable advantage over Tata and that is of its legendary reliability and After Sales Service, with service centres available in the remotest corners of the country. No other manufacturer can match it for sheer coverage. Tata on the other hand has a track record of alienating its loyalists by niggles, failures and breakdowns made worse by complacent and shrinking after sales network. Result is a difference of a good 1 lakh rupees in resale value of the cars of the same age, enough to more than negate any Features & Pricing advantage that the Vista holds over the Swift.
Performance Drivability & Efficiency: Both cars have the same Fiat developed 1.25 litre Multijet Diesel engine. But the Vista has slightly shorter gearing making it more drivable than the Swift, Efficiency and performance are identical in the real world scenario.
Dynamics: Swift being slightly unconventional thanks to a smaller wheelbase combined with a wider track and aided by tight suspension setting is more pointy and fun to pilot at the expense of ride quality. Vista is quite good at handling rough & broken i.e. normal Indian roads thanks to a pliant setup and high ground clearance. It's surprisingly potent around corners too, with only the excessive amounts of body roll spoiling the fun.
Space & Comfort: Vista is still an old-school Tata and still takes the honours for having the most spacious cabin in its class in any direction. Swift on the other hand is a claustrophobic nightmare for rear occupants. Bootspace on both cars is positively tiny.
Features-Pricing Comparison:
1. Vista LS vs Swift LDi:
2. Vista VX Tech vs Swift LDi: