Vista vs Figo (Diesel)

Verdict: Figo is better than Vista (Diesel)

The Fundamentals:
(Real) On-road Performance:
(Claimed) Specified Output:
Features-Pricing Comparison:
Both cars are evenly matched in terms of pricing. However, Vista (Quadrajet) should have been available in a mid-level variant (LX) having AC, Power steering, Power windows and Central locking.
Vista LS vs Figo LXI (comparison of cheapest variants having AC & PS):
Vista LS vs Figo EXI (comparison of closely priced variants)
Vista VX Tech vs Figo EXI (comparison of cheapest variants having AC-PS-PW-CL)
Vista VX Tech vs Figo ZXI (comparison of closely priced variants)
Vista VX Tech vs Figo Titanium (comparison of closely priced variants)

Fuel Efficiency: Vista's engine is a good 150cc smaller than Figo's hence it's efficiency is slightly better than the Figo's in the real world. However Figo's driveability is so much better than the Vista that it is worth much much more than its disadvantage of 1 kpl compared to the Vista.
Space & Comfort: Vista has a slightly more roomier cabin than the Figo. But Vista's boot is just too small to be of any use on weekend getaways. In contrast Figo has managed the cabin volume much better, with cabin space only slightly less than the Vista, but the boot is a generous 300 litres, which is much bigger than the Vista. Secondly, Figo's driving position
After Sales Service: