Swift vs Polo Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki Swift vs Volkswagen Polo Comparison

Verdict: Polo diesel is better than Swift diesel, Polo GT TSI is better than Swift petrol, but the non-GT Polo petrol isn't as good

Summary: Polo loses out to the Swift due to its one big weakness, that anaemic 1.2 liter diesel engine of its. It has even more turbo lag than the Swift's, doesn't have half as much refinement as the Swift's and its outright performance is also noticeably weaker than the Swift. But that's not all. Swift has an even bigger advantage over the Polo when it comes to after sales service. Maruti-Suzuki has abundant service centres all over the country, spares are cheaper than Volkswagen's. Volkswagen even has had teething troubles in terms of dealer development and manpower issues. Dynamics are well matched with the Polo being a bit more planted and stable, and the Swift being sharper and more entertaining. Both cars also have luxurious yet claustrophobic interiors especially at the rear. However, the Polo does have a significantly bigger boot compared to the Swifts little cubby hole. Polo also holds an edge when it comes to features & pricing though the Swift will definitely retain better resale value. Fuel efficiency is evenly matched as well. Overall though Polo has quite a bit of catching up to do if it wants to dominate our market like it does in Europe & China.

Features & Pricing: Volkswagen has priced the Polo well, profitability be damned! Similarly priced variants of the Polo have more features than the Swift.

Polo Trendline vs Swift LDi (comparison of cheapest AC-PS equipped variants of both cars)
Polo Trendline vs Swift VDi (comparison of cheapest AC-PS-PW-CL equipped variants of both cars)
Polo Comfortline vs Swift VDi (comparison of closely priced variants)
Polo Highline vs Swift ZDi (comparison of closely priced variants)
Fuel Efficiency: Swift has a marginally better fuel efficiency due to a slightly lower kerb weight.
Performance: Swift has significant turbo lag up to the 2000 rpm mark, but the Polo's is even worse. Swift though at least has good outright performance. But the Polo, due to its under-engined nature cannot accelerate briskly either.

Refinement: Polo has a 3-cylinder engine, while the Swift has a 4-cylinder one. Hence there's a marked difference between refinement levels of the two mills, with the Swift's being one of the most refined in the segment while the Polo's being one of the worst.

On-road Performance:
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Dynamics: Both cars have excellent road manners. The Polo being a grown up stable over bumps and grippy, feel-some around the bends. Swift on the other hand is more entertaining, with quick direction changes even though a little frisky over a series of bumps. 
Space & Comfort: Swift has one of the worst back seat in the segment, but Polo's is only slightly better. Head room, knee room & shoulder room are all in short supply. However, the Polo at least has a decent boot space, Swift again being the worst in the segment.

Interiors: Both the cars have excellent interiors, but the Polo's understated luxury just takes the crown. Ergonomics are spot on & the tactility of the switches and controls is typical European. Although chances of matching Swift's Japanese switchgear's reliability are quite slim.

After Sales Service: This is one area where Volkswagen has to do a lot of catching up to even get half as good as the king of A.S.S. - Maruti-Suzuki. Not only is VW's reach lower, but quality of workmanship is often a cause for complaint, which is unpardonable. Europe's no. 1 guy definitely needs to get its act together in this aspect if it wishes to run a profitable business in India.
Safety: Both cars have earned full marks from Euro NCAP albeit for the top-end airbag equipped variants.
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