Indica eV2 vs Figo (Diesel)

Verdict: Ford Figo is better than Indica eV2 (Diesel)

Summary: Figo is much more drivable than Indica eV2 due to almost non-existent turbo-lag. It is also more refined and has a smooth, precise gearbox compared to Indica's vague, notchy one. Figo also has better ergonomics and all round visibility and a much bigger boot than the Indica. Figo also has one of the best ride-handling characteristics in the segment with a pliant ride, precise cornering manners and excellent stability. Although Figo is marginally more expensive than the Indica, it is definitely much better value-for-money.

Features & Pricing:
Indica eV2 LS vs Figo LXI (comparison of cheapest AC-PS equipped variants of both)

Indica eV2 LX vs Figo LXI (comparison of closely priced variants)