Celerio vs WagonR Comparison

Maruti-Suzuki WagonR vs Celerio Comparion

Verdict: Celerio is technically far superior and more practical than WagonR

Drivability: The biggest common advantage these two cars have is that fantastic AMT automatic gearbox that they have. It hugely reduces the hassle of driving in city traffic by getting rid of the clutch-shift-de-clutch routine.

Fuel Efficiency: Gone are the days when automatics used to be 2-3 kpl less fuel efficient than their manual counterparts. Thanks to the advent of the inexpensive AMT units, Celerio automatic is actually more fuel efficient in real world than a manual Celerio is in the hands of an average driver. Both WagonR & Celerio have the same engine and similar kerb weight as well making them evenly efficient.

Performance: As with efficiency, AMT gearbox does not affect performance either meaning a Celerio Manual, WagonR & Celerio Automatic have identical performance.

Space & Comfort: Don't be fooled by Celerio's looks, it is actually a more comfortable car than WagonR. Space in both front and rear is excellent, seats are comfortable & supportive. WagonR has awkwardly tall seating but the shoulder space is limited, strictly for 2 people only. Bootspace is also better in the Celerio.

Dynamics: Again WagonR is hugely inferior to the Celerio in this regard. In fact it is so bad, it might just be the car with the worst dynamics in the Market, except for Omni. WagonR passengers can feel every bump, rut & hump in the road, stability at speeds and under braking is scary enough to give you goosebumps.But that is not all, Handling is even worse. Bad enough to give you nightmares in fact. It's tall and narrow stance giving it yatch rivalling levels of body roll. Any attempt at spirited cornering will result in increasing tendency to understeer.Celerio on the other hand has a decently pliant ride and uninspiring yet safe handling & high speed stability.

Features-Pricing Comparison:
Celerio LXi AMT vs WagonR LXi (cheapest AC-PS variants of both cars)

Celerio VXi AMT vs WagonR LXi (cheapest variants with AC-PS-PW-CL of both cars)

Celerio VXi AMT vs WagonR VXi (comparison of closely priced variants)

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