Amaze vs Etios vs Sunny (Petrol)

Verdict: Honda Amaze > Toyota Etios > Nissan Sunny (Petrol)
Published by: Overdrive
Summary: Giving fundamentals of a car (engine-gearbox-chassis-suspension) due importance over usual electronic gimmickry Honda Amaze is the clear winner and that too by a fir margin. In spite of having a 300cc disadvantage over the others it is still the quickest, most refined and most fuel efficient car (by 1-2 kpl) in this comparo. Etios and Sunny do have an advantage when it comes to top speed though.
Dynamically too the Amaze has the best cornering manners with a light yet precise steering and minimal body roll. Maneuverability is outstanding thanks to its sub 4 meter length. Etios loses out due to excessive body roll and a steering which takes too many turns from lock to lock. Sunny not only rolls but also has excessive pitch under braking.
In spite of its constrained dimensions the Amaze liberates more than enough space inside the cabin and surprisingly a capacious 400 liters inside the boot as well. Etios is slightly more spacious and the Sunny even more so especially in terms of knee room. However, is all that excess knee room is never really required, a couple of inches of vacant space in front of your knees is all you really need. Same goes with bootspace. In terms of build quality too Honda trumps its Japanese brethren with good quality plastics and more tactile switch-gear of the lot.
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