Terrano vs XUV500

Verdict: Nissan Terrano > Mahindra XUV500
Published by: Overdrive
Summary: XUV500 is declared the winner of this shootout thanks to its spacious interiors and third row seats (regardless of how uncomfortable they may be). Thanks to more features (regardless of how long might continue to function) it is declared to be better value for money as well. Importance of basic fundamentals of an automobile - performance & dynamics, is forgotten while calculating the 'value-for-money' equation. Terrano's dynamics are far superior to the XUV's not only does it handle like a car, it even absorbs the potholes better than the seemingly more rugged XUV. Performance is evenly matched, despite a 700cc smaller engine in the Terrano, but fuel-efficiency of the Terrano is far better, and hence it is the deserving winner in our books.
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