Octavia vs Elantra

Verdict: Hyundai Elantra better than Skoda Octavia (Diesel)
Published by: Overdrive
Summary: Elantra is declared as the winner for having a 3 lakh rupee lower price tag and a couple of extra features over the Octavia. More electronic gimmicks at lower price tag does not make a car good value for money. Don't the fundamentals - engine, gearbox, chassis & suspension of a car count when it comes to the often reported but seldom understood 'value-for-money'? Regardless of the Octavia's best in class acceleration time of 8.55 secs for the 0-100 dash which is 3 sec quicker than the Elantra. Despite a more precise steering, better high speed stability and more accomplished handling the Octavia is declared as the loser. Not to mention the practical aspects of the Octavia like a cavernous 600 liter boot with a hatch opening which is 150 liters bigger than the Elantra's.
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