Micra vs Brio (Auto, Petrol)

Verdict: Nissan Micra > Honda Brio (Automatic, Petrol)
Published by: Overdrive
Summary: Both these cars are driven by probably the two best power-trains for their price, efficient, refined and powerful. Brio 5-speed automatic gearbox is the most advanced conventional auto 'box in the segment while the Micra's cutting edge CVT (like Activa) gives a glimpse of the future. The Brio's box is more entertaining to drive, but it is no match for the seamless power delivery of the Micra's variomatic. Out of the two, Brio has better cornering ability and better ride quality at speeds. But for sheer practicality Micra is step ahead, thanks to a usable 250 litre boot. Although in terms of cabin space both are evenly matched with the Brio having more supportive and comfortable seats.
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