Micra Active vs WagonR [Petrol]

Verdict: Micra Active is better than WagonR

Summary: Micra Active is an exceedingly safer car than the WagonR. It is much more stable and composed at high speed cruising, cornering and emergency braking. It has better drivability & performance in spite of being as fuel efficient as the WagonR. It has more room than the WagonR inside the cabin as well as the boot and nowadays Nissan’s service availability is no longer an issue for city dwellers.

Features-Pricing Comparison:
Micra Active XE vs WagonR LX (comparison of similarly priced variants): 
For the same price as WagonR LX, Micra Active XE has much better equipment levels. WagonR LX does not have a power steering, which makes it painful to turn at parking speeds. The LX’s bumpers are unpainted, which announce its ‘cheap car’ credentials where you don’t want it to.

Micra Active XE vs WagonR LXi (comparison of cheapest variants with AC-PS)
Micra Active XL vs WagonR LXi (comparison of cheapest variants with AC-PS-PW-CL)
Fuel efficiency:
Both cars are very fuel efficient, with the WagonR having a 1 kpl advantage in ARAI tests. In our back to back tests, the difference was less than half a kpl
Usually safety doesn’t figure up so high in the list, but this comparison is an exception, as the difference in safety rating of the two cars is immense. Micra Active has scored a decent 4/5 starts in Euro NCAP. WagonR has never been tested by Euro NCAP, but it is based on the same platform as the Alto, which recently scored a pathetic 0/5 in Latin NCAP, read more…
The WagonR is a tall and narrow car, which takes its toll on stability at higher speeds and panic braking. The Micra Active being wider and shorter has much better high speed stability and maintains its composure far better during emergency braking. Even the ride quality of WagonR is bad. Thanks to its high centre of gravity, the suspension needs to be hard in order to keep a check on excessive body roll. But this makes it highly uncomfortable over the bumps at all speeds. The Micra Active also has a stiff suspension, but the ride quality is far better. WagonR is a nervous wreck around the corners and the best way to go round corners in it is ‘very very slowly’. Micra Active handles the turns far better than the WagonR. Overall though it isn’t particularly exciting, but it is definitely more safe and stable, unlike the WagonR.

Both cars are tailor made for city traffic with small dimensions, high seating positions and good all round visibility. The Micra Active is one of those rare cars in which its protruding headlights are visible to the driver through the wind screen.  This makes parking much less reliant on blind judgment.
Space & Comfort:
WagonR has high-set seats which are easy to get in and out of, have decent under thigh support and adequate legroom. But the rear seat is too narrow. Seating 3 adults in the back is out of question. Micra Active on the other hand is wide enough for the occasional third rear seat passenger. Knee room is better than WagonR but rear headroom and under thigh support could have been better. The sloping profile of the roof has necessitated a compromise between rear headroom and seat height.
WagonR’s boot is too small even for 2 pieces of airport luggage. Micra Active’s on the other hand is adequately capacious (bigger than Swift, Ritz, i10, Vista etc.)
Maruti-Suzuki has tried its best to spruce up the interiors of the WagonR, with a dual tone dashboard and little silver finish bits. But compared to the Micra Active’s interiors they feel flimsy and cheap. Micra’s interiors exude a quality finish although the design is a bit oddball.
Micra Active has much better low-end torque, making it effortless to drive around on city roads without any need for frequent gearshifts. WagonR’s 1.0 litre motor feels underpowered and requires some revs to get up and going. It also requires a downshift or two while picking it up from low speeds in higher gears.

Micra Active comfortably trumps the WagonR at outright acceleration and does not run out of breath like the WagonR while overtaking fast moving traffic on the highway.

Micra Active has good refinement at idle as well as at lower revs, but as the revs rise above 3500 rpm it gets quite vocal and feels strained. The WagonR on the other hand is slightly noisy at idle but becomes smoother as the revs climb.
On-road Performance:
 Specified Output:
Maruti-Suzuki has a proven track record for absolute reliability in India. Whereas, Nissan is the second biggest Japanese auto manufacturer, much bigger than Suzuki (even bigger than Honda) due to the same reason.

After sales service:
Maruti-Suzuki has an unparalleled service network spread in India. It may take years before Nissan if ever catches up, especially in smaller towns and villages. But Nissan is now established a good network in the Metros and is expanding fast in the bigger cities across India. Quality of service is equally good, but WagonR’s spares costs are fairly cheaper than the Micra Active.
Spares Cost:
Service Parts:
Mechanical Parts:
Accidental Repair Parts: