Innova vs Ertiga vs Xylo vs Enjoy vs Evalia vs Quanto

Verdict: Maruti-Suzuki Ertiga > Toyota Innova > Nissan Evalia > Chevrolet Enjoy > Mahindra Xylo > Mahindra Quanto
Published by: Overdrive
Summary: Ertiga is fundamentally best suited as a personal vehicle. It has best performance, refinement and fuel efficiency of all cars here by a fair margin. Its dynamics are also most car-like with good cornering manners and decent ride quality. Its interiors are most upmarket. Its cabin is spacious and comfortable for carrying either 7 adults or 5 adults and all their luggage. Its the easiest to maneuver in city traffic and also reasonably priced with Maruti-Suzuki's legendary service support and proven reliability included. The Innova comes in second place as a personal vehicle as it cant match the Ertiga's fuel efficiency, refinement, car-like handling, maneuverability and most importantly its price tag. But as a people mover it's bulletproof build quality and ability to handle rough roads remains unmatched. Evalia stands third for being even more cumbersome in traffic, having turbo lag below 2000 rpm, below average handling and ride quality deteriorating at higher speeds. However, space is class leading and build quality is up there with the best. Enjoy holds on to 4th place thanks to its drivable nature, decent fuel efficiency, space and excellent pricing. But the build quality is not up to the mark, handling is flawed, slipping into oversteer at the limit especially on wet roads and weak top-end makes it a pain while overtaking. Mahindra's Xylo and Quanto bring up the rear with their sub-par build quality, refinement, efficiency and downright unsafe dynamics. Xylo at least has good space inside the cabin, but the Quanto even with the rear seats taken out still doesn't have enough bootspace to carry 5 people's luggage and ride quality for rear seat passengers is nothing short of a punishment.
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