Grand i10 vs Swift vs Brio (Petrol)

Verdict: Hyundai Grand i10 > Maruti-Suzuki Swift > Honda Brio (Petrol)
For enthusiasts: Swift > Brio > Grand i10
Published by: Autocar
Summary: Grand i10 is the top practical choice as its the only car to have enough rear knee room, and adequate bootspace as well. It also has a reasonable price tag especially compered to the Swift and the most upmarket interiors. It has a light steering and soft suspension making it just perfect for city commutes.
But, for the enthusiast it's a tough choice between the Brio and Swift. Brio having a typical butter-smooth Honda engine and lightning quick reactions. The Swift though is more than a match for it with its wider torque band and more planted yet equally enthusiastic steering-suspension setup.
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