Grand i10 vs Micra Active (Petrol)

Verdict: Grand i10 Magna (Petrol) is better than Micra Active XV

Summary: For the same price, Grand i10 offers one of the most premium interiors compared to Micra Active’s rather dull ones. The Grand i10 also has a much more versatile engine. The Micra Active is able to match its drivability within the city, but the Grand i10 has significantly better outright performance as well as a much stronger mid-range. And though Nissan is catching up fast, Hyundai currently enjoys a definitive advantage in terms of after sales service.

Which of these value-for-money hatchbacks is better value-for-money?
Pricing & Features:
The Magna variant is Grand i10’s cheapest variant to have the 4 basic features – AC, Power Steering, Power Windows and Central Locking. Micra Active’s XV variant matches up to it in terms of price

Which one of these affordable hatchbacks doesn’t feel like an affordable hatchback?
Hyundai has an uncanny ability for making richer, plusher and nicer cabins than anyone else, at the value end of the market. Grand i10’s interior feels way more upscale compared not just with the Micra Active but even much more expensive cars like Etios & Duster. Micra Active’s interiors have an oddball design and feel too Spartan in spite of having tight panel gaps and uniformity. In terms of durability both are tough enough to withstand a decade of abuse.

Space & Comfort:
Both cars have spacious cabins with good front seats. Micra Active has adequate rear knee room but the rear seats lacks under thigh support, probably to make way for a decent 250 liter boot. Grand i10 on the other hand has the best-in-class rear knee room as well as supportive rear seats, add a respectable 256 liters of boot space and you can’t help but admire the fantastic job Hyundai has done with the packaging of their first mini MPV.

What about maintenance?
After Sales Service: 
Grand i10 is supported by a much wider service network especially in smaller cities and beyond, only in the Metros does Nissan have adequate touch points. Grand i10 spares also are marginally cheaper than the Micra Active’s

Both the brands have worked hard to build their own stellar reputations for quality & reliability over the world. Nissan may be a new brand in the mainstream market here but globally it is 2nd largest Japanese auto manufacturer (even bigger than Honda).

Which of these fuel efficient cars runs less like a fuel efficient car?
The Grand i10 is has a much more potent engine than the Micra Active. It has good drivability around town, pulls cleanly from 1500 rpm and doesn’t require frequent gearshifts. It is refined, makes hardly any noise below 3500 rpm and produces a sporty exhaust note above it. However, the best thing about Hyundai’ 1.2 liter, 4-pot engine is its potent midrange, which makes it effortless while overtaking on the highway. The Micra Active too has excellent drivability around town, low end torque is even better than the Grand i10. It is even uncharacteristically refined for a 3-cylinder engine at lower rpm, but as the revs climb above 2500 rpm it starts sounding rough, getting outright raucous towards the red-line. Neither the mid-range nor the outright performance is nowhere near as good as the Grand i10.

On-road Performance:
Specified output:

Though both cars have decent stability at speeds, neither of them is fun-to-drive around the bends. Even the ride quality is just about average. But with their light steering, compact footprint and tallish stance, both are effortless to maneuver around the city, with excellent all round visibility.

Though ABS & airbags are absent from these variants Both are 2013 architectures hence safety aspect is well taken care of especially given their previous iterations for which NCAP ratings are available are safe enough.

Detailed Spare Parts Pricing:
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