Grand i10 vs Figo vs Micra (Diesel)

Verdict: Ford Figo > Hyundai Grand i10 > Nissan Micra
Published by: Overdrive
Summary: Fundamentally Figo is the strongest car of the lot. It has a refined engine with absolutely no turbo lag as well as a slick & precise gearbox. The Grand i10's engine being smaller in size is a good 1-2 kpl more frugal than the other two, refinement is top notch and turbo lag is well controlled but drivability is not as good as Figo & Micra. Micra's engine has excellent drivability but it lacks refinement and is mated to a notchy gearbox. None of the cars have great top end performance, which can be a nuisance on the highway.
Figo also has much better dynamics than the Grand i10 & Micra. It has a remarkably supple ride yet excellent handling around the corners with hardly any body roll. Even the steering is precise and offers excellent feedback. The Grand i10 is sprung too softly, which makes it wallow over the bumps at higher speeds. Neither is it any good around the corners with its overly light, imprecise steering. Micra also has a light steering but it is more precise than the Grand i10's. Its ride-handling is also much better, though not as good as the Figo.
All three cars have spacious cabins and large enough boots. The Grand i10 has the most premium feeling interiors and marginally better knee room than the others. The Figo's interiors look dated but have a solid feel to it as well as great visibility and supportive seats. Micra's dull grey interiors feel much more spartan in spite of their excellent build quality and the rear seats are conspicuous by their lack of under thigh support.
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