EcoSport vs Amaze (Diesel)

Verdict: Ford EcoSport > Honda Amaze (Diesel)
Published by: Overdrive
Summary: Though OD does not give a verdict, in our books EcoSport is the winner of this shootout. EcoSport deals with the reality of our pathetic roads much better than the Amaze. But its not just the rough road ability of the EcoSport that shines. In spite of being the taller and much heavier car between the two, it also handles better has a more precise steering and better stability. In terms of performance and fuel-efficiency, the EcoSport loses out to the more powerful and lighter Amaze, but by a very small margin. While it leads by a big margin in terms of refinement. The Amaze has better cabin space as well as a bigger boot, but the EcoSport is not far behind, both in fact are way ahead of the current crop of premium hatchbacks available in the market.
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