EcoSport vs Amaze vs Verito Vibe vs Enjoy (Diesel)

Verdict: Ford EcoSport > Honda Amaze > Mahinda Verito Vibe > Chevrolet Enjoy (Diesels)
Published by: Overdrive
Summary: EcoSport wins this cross country test thanks to its uncanny ability to handle all but the roughest of roads and yet be entertaining in the ghats. The Amaze would have won if it were a city test being the most fuel efficient, agile, comfortable, drivable, maneuverable, well built and surprisingly spacious car. However, its inability to handle the ground reality of the Indian roads puts in the second spot. The Verito Vibe impresses hugely by being better than the pretending SUV, the EcoSport on the rough roads but lacks the body control that the Ford has around the bends. Vibe's age old interiors and iffy ergonomics don't help its case either. But finishing dead last is the Enjoy which fails to live up to its purpose of carrying people across large distances safely. At the limit which it reaches quite early on a wet road it breaks into oversteer. Refinement and quality is pathetic and so is the recalcitrant gearbox. Its only saving grace being its bump absorption capabilities.
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