Amaze vs Dzire vs Linea Classic vs Sail Sedan (Diesel)

Verdict: Honda Amaze > Fiat Linea Classic > Maruti-Suzuki Dzire > Chevrolet Sail Sedan (Diesel)
Published by: Autocar
Summary: Amaze wins the comparo thanks to the class leading efficiency, unmatched space and comfort and excellent drivability and Honda's proven record for quality & service. Linea comes in second for offering a car which not only looks but drives like a car from a segment above the rest. Gear ratios are well matched to make a portly car with a tiny engine adequately drivable in the city. Top end performance remains weak though. The way it soaks up the bumps is remarkable as is its handling making you wish for more power. In spite of Linea's rather generous proportions, interior space is quite limited. Dzire suffers from huge turbo lag requiring constant gearshifts in traffic. Similarly Sail sedan also gets going only past 2000 rpm. Even top end performance is nothing to write home about but refinement is excellent. Dzire has a cramped rear seat seat and a harsh ride quality. Sail on the other hand is too softly sprung. Ride-handling is mediocre at best.
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